Social Media in Health Care, @DanaMLewis, #hcsm, @IT_UWT, 7pm, 4/27, DOU 280

Dana Lewis

Dana Lewis, Interactive Marketing Specialist at Swedish Medical Center

Dana Lewis, Interactive Marketing Specialist with Swedish Medical Center (@swedish) and moderator of the Sunday night #hcsm Twitter chats, will be giving a guest lecture on Social Media in Health Care in the Computer-Mediated Communication class (TCSS 466) at the University of Washington, Tacoma, in Dougan 280, at 7pm this Wednesday, April 27. Other members of the community who are interested in how social media is being used by patients, physicians and other stakeholders across the health care ecosystem are invited to attend.

AbstractWhat is social media, how are patients using it, and what should you know about it in the health care setting? You can’t hide from it – and here’s why. Patients use social networks to find doctors, get health information, and improve their health care. Smart physicians are learning what the ethical boundaries for online engagement are, understanding legal and professional guidelines, and experimenting with basic social networks or learning how to blog and engage with patients online. Whether you’re a patient or a health care professional, you need to know how to use it, how the ‘other side’ of health care is using it, and how you can use it to help yourself personally and professionally. Learn how one patient used social media to shape how the health care industry uses and thinks about social media, and how she uses these technologies to connect and facilitate conversations with diverse stakeholders in healthcare around the world.

Bio: Dana Lewis is the Interactive Marketing Specialist at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, where she develops and implements social and digital communication strategies for individuals, groups, and the organization overall, including education and coaching for physicians. She is a leading voice and active participant in the use of social media in healthcare. Internationally recognized for her work as the founder and moderator of #hcsm, the fast-growing and fast-paced Sunday night healthcare chat on Twitter, she has regular interactions with a diverse network of stakeholders in the healthcare social media ecosystem, from patients to providers and from instigators to administrators. She also serves on the advisory board of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.

For background reading (and a humorous perspective on one of the many things that can go wrong when working with third party technology!), attendees may want to check out this article on Seattle 24×7 on some of the recent adventures in social media at Swedish: Where Healthcare Meets Social Media (in Seattle and at #HCSM), You’ll Meet Dana M. Lewis!


One Comment on “Social Media in Health Care, @DanaMLewis, #hcsm, @IT_UWT, 7pm, 4/27, DOU 280”

  1. needtosay2u says:

    I really found Dana Lewis to be an inspirational. Her relative youth when compared to her accomplishments was quite impressive. I could see it happening as she said it when she spoke of how she got her job via social media. This is because she really had an enthusiasm and passion about what she does and now it is her career, perhaps by design . I believe this is so, meaning that she created a career out of a personal like and interest. What a fortunate situation and beatiful talent to have. Many are lucky to even know what they want. much less skilled enough to bring it about.

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